Ulcinj is located on the southern Adriatic coast with the most sunny days on the Adriatic. It has about 25,000 inhabitants, with nearly 20 km of beaches, of which 15 km of fine sand, with over 6000 h of arable land, with olive orchard with around 88,000 trees, healing properties of sand, mud and mineral sulfur water. In Ulcinj you will come across the most beautiful symphony of nature, the longest of the year bathed in the sun, the sea clean as a whistle (the cleanest sea in the world), vast sandy beaches, jungle Zović (pine trees), with plantations in the hinterland, nudist paradise "ADA"
Ulcinj is not enough to see, Ulcinj trba experience, because it is a unique example of beauty: unlimited sandy beach, sea, river, lake, mountains, lush vegetation?
Therefore, if you want to enjoy, visit Ulcinj,