Bar represents a modern town that is every day more and more cheese. And if a port town, it is amazingly clean and has many green areas. In it there are many tourist attractions. Old Bar, Haj Nehaj fortress, whose ruins dating from the fifteenth century and the castle of King Nikola, represent the historic and cultural monuments of the city. Olives over 2000 years old and Skadar lake, with one of the biggest habitats of birds, a large number of monasteries and churches for the visitors who enjoy this type of tourism festivals and cultural events: the International TV Festival, Meetings Under The Old Olive Tree, the Bar Chronicle.
Developed beaches and coves such as Canj and Dobre Vode will make you come back to Bar.
Like most Montenegrin towns, and the bar is in its history belonged to different civilizations and cultural worlds. However, unlike other towns in Montenegro, Bar today is not only recognized by one of the worlds which is a part, sometimes for centuries was. On the legacy of an era, is being created and built up the new. In this new heritage are always clearly recognized the achievements of past.
City of olives, maritime gateway of Montenegro, ancient hearths coexistence, regardless of religion and nationality, Bar represents a combination of modernity, tradition and beauty. It is significant as a dynamic economic center of Montenegro, as well as the city has a rich cultural and historical tradition. Some of the most important civilizations range in Montenegro, were in Bar: Here are the preserved remains of the oldest written documents, here is where the most important literary and historical work of Montenegrin medieval times, the city was the seat of the oldest religious institution of Montenegro (the Bar archdiocese) . In addition, the Bar is one of the oldest olive trees in the world, old olive tree in Mirovica, more than 2000 years.
The rich cultural and historical traditions have merged in the area of ​​Bar with unique gifts of nature, favorable climate and unique geographical location.
The pleasant Mediterranean climate attracts many tourists every year. With an average of 270 sunny days a year, Bar is one of the sunniest cities in the Mediterranean. 44 km of coastline, of which more than 9 km form the beach, 67 km of Lake Skadar and the mountain range that separates these two large bodies of water make Bar an ideal destination for tourists who want to relax on the beautiful beaches and enjoy untouched nature and for those who want to visit the many cultural and religious monuments or to spend their holidays actively engaging in numerous sports activities.